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H20 Sea Salt Candle

H20 Sea Salt Candle

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If you have stayed on-property at a magical resort or taken to the sea on an enchanting cruise then you will be familiar with the signature bath scent collection called H20 and the two botanical fragrances called Sea Salt and Sea Marine found in shampoos and body washes.


Super fans will also be aware that after 30 years of providing these incredible scents, the brand responsible for bringing us these goodies retired in 2022 making it a little more difficult to get our hands on these products.
If you are not quite ready to let go though, you are going to love our very own H20 range including H20 Sea Salt and H20 Sea Marine and you will be equally blown away by how accurate our scents are to the original!

This is an accurate replica of the scent used by the brand that provided these magical bathroom amenities.


Part of our magical home fragrance and cosmetic range, our 105g candles are loaded with scents that are 'piped in' at your most favourite place of Earth.  Working closely with the company that produces the scents for the HVAC system on site, our fragrances will trigger all those exciting memories of the most magical holiday destinations, theme parks and favourite treats down Mainstreet.


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