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Princess Castle Bath Bomb In Floridian Lobby Fragrance

Princess Castle Bath Bomb In Floridian Lobby Fragrance

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If you hear the words 'Green Clover & Aloe', you know exactly which magical resort lobby we are talking about!

With its Mary Poppins-themed topiaries, pinstriped hotel staff and classic English tearoom style, this Floridian destination represents the very best of magical hotels and resorts.


Our candles are loaded with the same luxurious blend of green clover leaves, refreshing aloes, green daisies and lemon verbena and is THE green clover and aloe scent that greets you the minute you see the magnificent chandeliers hanging in the atrium. 

This is an accurate replica of the actual scent ‘piped in’ at the magical resort lobby. Don't be fooled by the BBW or Carlton Ritz green clover......they are just not the same!


Part of our magical home fragrance and cosmetic range, our bath bombs are loaded with scents that are 'piped in' at your most favourite place of Earth.  Working closely with the company that produces the scents for the HVAC system on site, our fragrances will trigger all those exciting memories of the most magical holiday destinations, theme parks and favourite treats down Mainstreet.

Our princess castle bath bombs contain a fantastic range of ingredients to indulge the skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple and silky.
NT/WT 170g. 

* Natural ingredients to promote skin wellbeing
* Handmade
* Cruelty free
* Safety tested and compliant

Fill your tub, pop it in the water and enjoy the spectacular fizzy
display. Finally, once the bomb has foamed away, jump in and enjoy the
release of its captivating scent and moisturising goodness.

'The fresher they are, the faster the fizz' so we recommend you use
your bath bomb as soon as possible to get the best from it! 
Keep your bath bombs in a cool, dry place and in original packaging.
Avoid direct sunlight and use within 12 months.

For external use only. Do not consume. Avoid contact with the eyes or
broken skin. If irritation occurs, rinse body immediately and
discontinue use.



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